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Why Fish?

Besides being utterly delicious, fish is filled with protein, vitamins and nutrients. Fish has much lower levels of saturated fat compared to beef and chicken. It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower blood pressure and benefit brain and heart function. In addition, the variety of species offers a wealth of different flavors, consistencies and preparation methods. Not enough Americans incorporate fish into their weekly meals and frankly, they are missing out on tasty, wholesome food.

At Dockside Market and Grill, we take into account many aspects in choosing our selection of fish. We are committed to provide the freshest fish available, offering fish that is both caught locally and throughout the world. We also take into account how our fish is caught, its nutritional value and its seasonal availability, sustainability is very important to our restaurant. We are able to provide our customers with information on eco-friendly options and alternatives that never sacrifice taste. Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to help you towards choosing your next home cooked, seafood dinner.

This species is found along the Pacific coast and the Bering Sea. It is very closely related to the Atlantic cod in both appearance and taste, with the Pacific being less firm and slightly smaller. However, the Pacific cod is not being overfished due to tight regulations and quotas as well as less demand. It is available year-round.

The most well-known and largest of the cod species, the Atlantic cod is found wild throughout the Northern Hemisphere despite its name. This fish has an exceptionally mild flavor and texture and lends itself well to a variety of fishing methods. It is available year-round.

One of the most popular fish ever, Atlantic salmon is known for it’s rich flavor with firm and oily flesh. After being overfished, the Atlantic salmon is farmed in open pens throughout the Atlantic year-round to keep up with the heavy demand.

This small bass is highly regarded in Europe for its delicate texture and lean, mild flavor. It is farmed throughout the Mediterranean and caught wild along the Eastern Atlantic coast, where it is available year round. However, because of its high shipping cost, the fish is hard to come by in the States.

Once caught wild throughout the southern US, the whiskered catfish is now farmed using the most sustainable and eco-friendly conditions. It is known for its succulent texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. Catfish are available year-round and have consistently good quality due to successful farming techniques.

This large bass is caught wild throughout the southern coasts of South America, Africa and Australia. The meat is prized for it’s rich, buttery texture and flavor as well as its versatility in kitchens.

A bottom feeder, the flounder has both eyes on one side of its body and the ability to camouflage itself. This popular flatfish is found year-round throughout the northern oceans of the world. Flounder has a very delicate texture and mild, sweet taste from their thin filets.

The largest flatfish, halibut, much like beef, has several different specialty cuts. As a whole, halibut has a very firm texture with mild flavor. The Pacific variety is found all throughout the Pacific from Alaska to Northern Mexico and around Japan from March to November.

This American farm fish is a cross between the striped and white bass. This method produces fish better suited for aquaculture while also producing more of its delicately flavored meat. It is available fresh from April to July and year-round frozen.

The always-popular mackerel was once overfished to the point of many fishermen losing their jobs, but has since made a miraculous comeback. This is a full flavored, oily fish that is filled with omega-3 fatty acids. Caught in the eastern and western Atlantic, the Mediterranean and throughout Asia, the mackerel is available year-round.

A very popular tropical fish, mahi-mahi is Hawaiian for very strong, and it is found throughout the temperate and tropical oceans of the world. The meat has a mild, yet distinct flavor with a firm texture with large flakes. It is available year-round.

The monkfish, a bottom feeder, has a moderately firm texture with a delicate, shellfish flavor. It is found year-round throughout the Atlantic on both coasts.

Pompano is an incredibly popular fish found throughout the Southern Atlantic off the US coast and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a rare catch that has a small flake, firm texture and mild flavor. It lends itself to a variety of different cooking methods, making it a chef favorite. It is available year-round.

Related to the sea bass, red grouper is a very large fish found in the warm waters of the Western Hemisphere. Its firm texture, heavy flake, and sweet flavor make it perfect for Summer. However, it is available year-round and lends itself to a variety of preparation methods.

Found mostly in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the red snapper is a high demand tropical fish with mildly sweet taste and firm and moist texture. It is available year-round with concentrations from November to May.

This small schooling fish is found in the Pacific, Atlantic and the Mediterranean year-round. Commonly served canned, sardines can also be prepared in a variety of other ways and have an oily, firm texture and a strong, rich flavor.

Scottish Wild Salmon are moist and full of flavor. The fish are silver on the outside and have deep pink firm flesh on the inside and free from artificial coloring or chemicals.

Also known as red salmon, this variety is known for having the finest flavor and texture of the salmon family. It is high in omega-3s and fat, giving it it’s rich flavor. It is caught throughout Alaska and is available from May to September.

Like the salmon, the striped bass spawns in fresh water, while living most of their lives in salt water. It has a mealy, medium texture with a mild flavor and is available year-round.

A popular sport fish, swordfish is also known for it sweet, oily flesh. Migratory and solitary, swordfish are found worldwide and available year-round with concentrations in the fall.

Tilapia is one of the success stories of farm aquaculture, being farmed worldwide and year-round. It has a very mild flavor and succulent texture similar to flounder.


Beautifully colored fish, the tilefish lives along the eastern coast of the US and the Gulf of Mexico. It produces thick, firm fillets with a mild flavor similar to crab. The tilefish is available year-round.

Like most tuna species, the yellowfin tuna is most popular for its use in raw food dishes. It has a firm texture with a mild flavor. The yellowfin inhabits the tropical and subtropical oceans of the world and is available year-round.